TG 4 – diameter 4.6 mm -50 °C to 200 °C

These resistance temperature sensors with a cable and thermocouple temperature sensors with a cable are designed for contact measurement of the temperature of gaseous and liquid or solid substances. The maximum temperature range of use of the sensors is -50 to 200 °C. The material and diameter of the case ensure fast response to changes in temperature. Used type of lead-in cable has silicone insulation and shielding. The sensors are designed for use in chemically non-aggressive environment. The method of use must be chosen for the temperature and chemical resistance of the case and lead-in cable.


Sensor type TG 4
Measuring range -50 to 200 °C (can be limited by the sensing element, determine in documentation)
Type of sensing element* Pt, Ni, NTC, TCK, TCJ, TCT
Ingress protection IP 67 in accordance with EN 60529, as amended
Case material brass
Diameter of case 4.6 mm
Length of case L 24 mm
Lead-in cable shielded silicone 2 x 0.22 mm2
Wire resistance 0.16 Ω for 1 m of cable for 2-wire connection
Time response t0,5 < 7 s (in flowing water at 0.4 m.s-1)

Dimensional Draft

Wiring Diagram

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