High Performance Connectors

We are a dedicated Thermal Solutions Supply Company for both heating and cooling applications, helping OEMs and end users alike with their thermal problems. Get A Quote
Connectors and Feedthroughs
Hermetic Fiber-Optic Connectors
Pinch-Off Tubes
Solid Sealing Technology provides high reliability products into many high-tech market areas. Their products and unique capabilities enable a very competitive service for large OEMs, Distributors, and Research and Development Groups.
• Semiconductor & Analytical Equipment
• Thin Film Coatings
• Industrial Lasers
• Security & Defense
• Radiation Detectors
• Chemical Detectors (sniffers)
• High Power X-ray Systems
• Medical
• X-ray
• Nanotechnology
• Aerospace & Defense
• Power
• Distribution & Generation
• Superconductivity
• Fuel Cells/Alternate Fuels
• Telecommunications
• High Energy Physics
• Downhole Oil
Visit our downloads page to view technical characteristics or contact our technical sales department for more information, prices or with your specifications.

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