Programmable Controllers
Electro-Mechanical Assembly
We are a dedicated Thermal Solutions Supply Company for both heating and cooling applications, helping OEMs and end users alike with their thermal problems.
SENSIT s.r.o. are leading manufacturers of sensors for temperature, humidity, CO², VOC, atm pressure, level, flow, and position for a number of industries including
• Renewable energy
• Rail
• Medical and laboratory equipment
• Air conditioning and heating systems
• Rubber and plastics industry
• Machinery and equipment
• White goods
• Food processing
• Science and development


    Pinch-Off Tubes
    Hermetic Fiber-Optic Connectors
    Helium Leak Testing

    Meet The Global Standard

    We are BS EN ISO 9001:2015 qualified and a “Tier 1” Kanban supplier to one of the largest engineering groups in the world. As well as meeting your Kanban requirements, we also offer full kitting services bringing the components you require J.I.T to the side of your production line, to save you wastage and down time. alternatively your needs may be met by our electro-mechanical assembly skills and testing using 5s principles.
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