Temperature Sensors

SENSIT Temperature Sensors are sensors designed for contact temperature measurement of liquid or gaseous substances. The design of the sensor stem allows the use of the sensor for direct measurement of temperature in pipes and ensures a fast response to temperature changes. Standard temperature range of the sensors is -30 to 130 °C. The sensors can be used for all control systems that are compatible with the types of sensors or output signals listed below:

Temperature Sensors Categories

Temperature Sensor with Cable
Temperature Sensors with a Connection Head up to 600 °C


  • Paired temperature sensors – qualified meters
  • Temperature sensors for railway vehicles
  • Temperature sensors for heating systems control
  • Temperature sensors for machines and equipment
  • Temperature sensors for chemical industry
  • Custom production of temperature sensors
  • Temperature sensors for research and science
  • Sensors of temperature, humidity and flow in food processing applications
  • Sensors of temperature, humidity and flow of air for air conditioning equipment
  • Temperature sensors in applications for renewable energy
  • Temperature sensors for application in rubber and plastics industries
  • Sensors of temperature, humidity and flow in white goods and medical applications

Sensing Element types:

Nickel types
  • Ni 1000/5000 (e.g. LANDIS)
  • Ni 1000/6180 (e.g. SAUTER, SAIA, AMIT, TECO)
  • Ni 891 (e.g. JOHNSON CONTROLS)
  • T1 (e.g. STAEFA CONTROLS) – Ni 2226
  • Ni 10000/5000
  • Ni 10000/6180
Platinum types
  • Pt 100/3850
  • Pt 100/3911
  • Pt 500/3850
  • Pt 1000/3850
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