Dear Friends!

2021 is a very special year for our partners in Czech Republic as June 2021 marked the 30th anniversary of founding of SENSIT.

The enterprise started in 1991 in rented mobile containers above former Tesla facility. Their starting capital allowed to design and develop first 6 types of temperature sensors and those were first presented at the Industrial Temperature Measurement Exhibition in the Ostrava House of Culture.

Successfully continuing to grow over next 6 years their first factory was built in 1997 and it has become a foundation of the facility that is SENSIT’s home today.
At present SENSIT has 53 employees, and their current portfolio features nearly 5000 different types and modifications of temperature, relative humidity, CO2 level, and flow sensors. The range of sensors is very extensive, and the most common applications of temperature sensors are:
Temperature sensors for heating systems
Temperature sensors for rail
Temperature sensors for machinery and equipment
Temperature sensors for heating systems and control
Temperature sensors for rubber and plastics industry
Temperature sensors for electric motor windings
Temperature sensors, humidity, and flow sensors for air conditioning
Temperature sensors, humidity and flow sensors for white goods and medical equipment
Temperature sensors for renewable energy industry
Temperature sensors, flow, and humidity sensors for food processing
Custom Temperature sensors
SENSIT are constantly focused on streamlining production processes, maintaining product quality and, at the same time, they are dedicated to optimizing costs so can offer very competitive prices for excellent quality products.

Both SENSIT and Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd value open and ethical relationships with our customers so let us thank you for your continuing support and hope we will successfully provide our services for years to come.

Sincerely yours
SENSIT and CTS Teams

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