T3413 Temperature and Humidity Sensors for Usage Into Air Condition Ducts with Rs 485

Humidity, temperature transmitter. Outdoor, indoor use. Duct mount.

Relative humidity, temperature sensors at 150mm stem. Measured values are also converted to other humidity interpretation: dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy.

Programmable temperature and humidity transmitter is equipped with temperature and relative humidity sensors. Measured values are also converted to other humidity interpretation - dew point temperature, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio or specific enthalpy. Degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit are user selectable.
Transmitter contains a microprocessor based control circuitry in a durable plastic case with connection terminals and sensors with filter with stainless steel mesh. Large dual line LCD for simultaneous display of T+RH or other humidity interpretation is an advantage. Display is possible to switch off. Computerized design ensures temperature compensation of the humidity sensor and fail indication. State-of-the-art capacitive polymer sensor ensures excellent calibration long term stability, inertia against water and condensation. Transmitters are designed for use in non-aggressive environment.

Included in delivery:
  • T3413 sensor
  • Traceable calibration certificate
  • Quick start manual


Type of sensor T3413 T3413D
Measured Value Temperature
Relative humidity
Counted values (dew point…)
Temperature Sensor
Measuring range -30 to +125 °C
Accuracy ±0.4 °C
Resolution 0.1 °C
Humidity Sensor
Measuring range 0 to 100 % RH
Accuracy ±2.5 % RH from 5 to 95 % at 23 °C
Resolution 0.1% RH
Dew Point
Measuring range -60 to +80 °C
Accuracy ±1.5 °C at ambient temperature T < 25 °C and RH > 30 %
Resolution 0.1 °C
Main Technical Data
Operating temperature -30 to +80 °C
Channels internal temperature and humidity sensor
Counted values dew point, absolute humidity, specific humidity, mixing ratio, specific enthalpy
Output RS485
Range of humidity sensor temperature compensation all temperature range
Available temperature units degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit
Communication protocol ModBus RTU, ARION, Advantech ADAM
Power 9-30 VDC
Protection class IP65 electronics; IP40 sensors
Dimensions 88.5 x 250 x 39.5 mm; stem length 150 mm 88.5 x 95 x 195 mm; stem length 150 mm
Weight approx. 150 g

Dimensional Draft

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