Towel Rail Heating Elements

Fixed Wattage Towel Rail Heating Elements

Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd are a major supplier of towel rail heating elements to towel rail manufacturers, installers and suppliers, working with RICA division IRCA S.p.A. - the industry leader in this sector.

We supply fixed wattage heaters from 75 Watts up to 850 Watts with built-in thermal fuse and safety thermostat. They available in Brushed Stainless Steel or Brass Bright Chromed finish.
Position Volts Watts Immersed Length (mm)
003 230 600 570
002 230 400 425
001 230 200 280
Temperature may be pre-set at manufacture to one of three choices:
  • 43°C
  • 48°C
  • 60°C

FIXEDHEAT Electronically Controlled Towel Rail Heating Elements

FIXEDHEAT designed by Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd is an energy saving towel rail heating element that uses state of the art electronics and sensing to control the temperature of the water inside the rail and use only the correct amount of power required, whether the rail is in a cold bathroom empty or fully loaded with damp towels, FIXEDHEAT maintains the rail at the correct temperature.
FIXEDHEAT can be manufactured on request to comply with the LST (Low Surface Temperature) legislation for use in public buildings, Hospitals and Care homes. This feature protects vulnerable people from getting burnt if they fall and are trapped against a very hot uncontrolled towel rail.

All finished products have chromed brass or brushed steel finish as a standard (not chrome effect plastic). Other special finishes are available on request.
Visit our downloads page to view technical characteristics or contact our technical sales department for more information, prices or with your specifications.

Also, you can reach us on +44 (0) 1865400514
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