Microtubular Heating Elements

At Carlton Thermal Systems we can help you to solve critical heating problems with RICA manufactured microtubular heating elements for applications that require compact dimensions. These elements are designed to guarantee high performance in terms of durability, power density, working temperature and electrical insulation.
Microtubular heaters comprise resistive wire insulated with compressed magnesium oxide and a stainless steel protective sheath.
According to customers’ needs they can be manufactured straight or spiral, with or without thermocouples.
The elements are available in circular, square or rectangular section and several dimensions, lengths and powers. The power and thermocouple cables are protected by metal braid or fibreglass-silicone sheaths.

Microtubular heating elements are mainly used for heating nozzles on plastic injection presses but can also be employed on packing machines.

Available sections and technical characteristics:

SectionsØ 1.8Ø 3.1Ø 44 x 2.53.2 x 1.83.2 x 3.22.4 x 1.4
SheathAisi 304Aisi 304Aisi 304Aisi 304Aisi 304Aisi 304Aisi 304
Minimum bending radius2 mm5 mm6 mm5 mm side 4
4 mm side 2.5 
5 mm side 3.2
4 mm side 1.8 
5 mm5 mm side 2.4
4 mm side 1.4 
Maximum length (straight)1200 mm1800 mm2500 mm2500 mm1800 mm2500 mm1800 mm
Length tolerance± 2,5%± 2,5%± 2,5%± 2,5%± 2,5%± 2,5%± 2,5%
Power Tolerance± 10%± 10%± 10%± 10%± 10%± 10%± 10%
Input voltage24V - 240V24V - 240V24V - 240V24V - 240V24V - 240V24V - 240V24V - 240V
W/Cm² max88888108
Insulation5M Ω5M Ω5M Ω5M Ω5M Ω5M Ω5M Ω
Dielectric Strenght800 V800 V800 V800 V800 V800 V800 V
Maximum Amp.3 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A5 A
Operating temperature550° C550° C550° C550° C550° C550° C550° C
Visit our downloads page to view technical characteristics or contact our technical sales department for more information, prices or with your specifications.

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