High Energy-Saving Controllers

EV3B54 is a stylish basic controller for managing highly energy-saving refrigerated cabinets.

It is available in compact and standard 74 x 32 mm format. The user interface consists of a larger than average custom display, with decimal point and function icons, and four touch keys. It guarantees IP65 protection for easy cleaning.

The controller runs variable capacity compressors with Embraco Fullmotion technology, enabling the real energy needs of the refrigerator to be measured and thus saving energy, delivering faster refrigeration for better preservation of the refrigerator content and less noise for a better home/working environment. 
It is capable of protecting the compressor by switching it off if the condenser temperature is outside the permitted range; also with adaptive defrost management system.
Installation is by panel, with snap-in brackets.

Technical Features

Power supply
115-230 VAC
Analog inputs
cabinet probe (PTC/NTC)
evaporator probe (PTC/NTC)
condenser probe (PTC/NTC)
Digital inputs (for NA/NC contact)
door switch
Analog outputs
PWM (compressor)
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @ 250 VAC)
defrost 8 A
evaporator fan 5 A
condenser fan 16 A
load 4 (default room light) (1) 5 A
Other features
operation with EV3KEY
cooling/heating operation
condenser overheat alarm system
adaptive defrost management
“energy saving” function
(1) configurable for room light, demisting heaters, auxiliary, alarm, door heaters, heaters for neutral zone operation, condenser fan or on/stand-by.
The EVJ254 controller for refrigerated cabinets guarantees minimum noise and contributes to achieving energy class A thanks to the management of variable speed compressors (Embraco Fullmotion and Secop) and optimum regulation of all loads.

The external EVlink module with Bluetooth BLE connectivity enables access from an Android smartphone with the EVconnect app, making possible configuration, download and exchange of HACCP data and parameter maps.
The user interface has a large LED display, capacitive keys and an IP65 front with a continuous surface. It has been designed for rapid front installation on a plastic or metal panel. If the unit has a glass or methacrylate panel, the controller can be installed from behind and all the keys customized on the front of the unit.

Technical Features

Power supply
230 VAC
Analogue inputs
Cabinet probe (PTC/NTC)
Evaporator probe (PTC/NTC)
Digital inputs
Door switch
Configurable inputs (analogue or digital)
Auxiliary probe (PTC/NTC) or door switch/multi-purpose
Analogue outputs
PMW (compressor)
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @ 250 VAC)
Defrost (configurable) 8 A 8 A
Evaporator fans (configurable) 5 A 5 A
Cabinet light (configurable) 8 A 8 A
Condenser fans (configurable) 16 A 16 A
Communication ports
Other standard features
APP-based management with built-in BLE Bluetooth
Built-in clock
Alarm buzzer
Overcooling function
Energy-saving function
Adaptive defrost management system
Function for high/low relative humidity percentage
Optional features
APP-based management with BLE Bluetooth interface (EVlink module)
Recording HACCP data on an SD card in CSV format (EVBD05 module)
Available options
Plug-in screw terminal blocks (fixed-screw as standard).
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