EVJ 200 Controllers

Controllers for
  • Refrigerated cabinets
  • Refrigerated wine cabinets
  • Display cabinets
EVJ 200 (EVJumbo) is a range of controllers for refrigerated cabinets and display units. 

They have a modern design with a large, extra-bright display, function icons and 6 keys. Both the compact and split versions can be supplied in open-frame format with a membrane keypad.
Designed for quick panel installation, the Jumbo family has a capacitive touch-screen keypad and a completely flat IP65 front making it easy to clean.

EVJ 200 controllers have firmware with smart functions for energy-saving as they have up to 5 relays for total management of refrigerated cabinets and display units. Some models can be supplied in a version compliant with the standard EN 60079-15 for equipment using hydrocarbons (R290).

It is possible to add an optional SD card data-logger module (EVBD05) which generates files in CSV format, or a Bluetooth BLE (EVlink) interface enabling data to be viewed and the machine accessed from mobile devices. The clock and Bluetooth are also available as built-in versions.
app (compatible with Android devices) turns smartphones and tablets into a handy tool for viewing graphics and alarms in real time and for downloading historic data which can also be sent by e-mail. The access code makes it possible to change the configuration of the refrigeration unit, making EVconnect a must-have, state-of-the-art tool also for a top-class assistance service.
Visit our downloads page to view technical characteristics or contact our technical sales department for more information, prices or with your specifications.

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