EV3B Controllers

EV3B is a range of elegantly designed basic controllers for the management of:
  • bottle coolers
  • refrigerated cabinets
  • tables
  • pizza counters
They are available in compact and standard 74 x 32 mm format. The user interface consists of a larger than average custom display, with decimal point and function icons, and four touch keys. It guarantees IP65 protection for easy cleaning.

Some controllers have a 30 res. A @ 250 VAC electromechanical relay for the direct control of high power compressors, avoiding the use of contactors.

Others are extremely thin; all have adaptive management of the defrost function and can implement energy-saving strategies.

Model EV3B43 is an innovative solution for bottle coolers. The learning algorithm based on the habitual weekly use of the unit provides a 42% certified energy saving compared to an ordinary controller.

Installation is by panel, with snap-in brackets.
EV3B43N7 EV3B24N9
normal temperature units
low temperature units
extremely small
Power supply
115-230 VAC
230 VAC
Analog inputs
room probe (PTC/NTC)
evaporator probe (PTC/NTC)
auxiliary probe (PTC/NTC)
Digital inputs (for NA/NC contact)
door switch
door switch/multipurpose
Configurable inputs
analogue input (PTC/NTC) or digital input (multi-purpose) (1)
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @ 250 VAC)
compressor 16 A 16 A
defrost 8 A
evaporator fan 5 A
room light 5 A
load 2 (default evaporator fan) (2) 8 A
load 4 (default room light) (3) 5 A
Other features
operation with EV3KEY
cooling/heating operation
condenser overheat alarm system
adaptive defrost management
“energy saving” function
weekly learning algorithm
(1) the two options are mutually exclusive and can be selected by parameter
(2) configurable for defrost, evaporator fan, room light or alarm
(3) configurable for room light, demisting heaters, auxiliary, alarm, door heaters, heaters for neutral zone operation, condenser fan or on/stand-by.
Visit our downloads page to view technical characteristics or contact our technical sales department for more information, prices or with your specifications.

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