UNI-PRO 3 is a development environment for programmable controllers.

With UNI-PRO 3 EVCO offers its customers a work tool able to realize and modify the application software for the programmable controllers belonging to the c-pro 3 series according to one’s demand, using object libraries and the C language.

The possibility to define all the functional features (both for the user interface and the control algorithm) and the availability of application block libraries (ABL) that have already been developed and tested, guarantee that the plant's potential is fully exploited; the availability of diagnostic functions and the integrated document management reduce development times and costs.



Non optoisolated TTL/USB serial interface

Using the interface, it is possible to connect the device (if it has the MODBUS TTL communication port) to the Parameters Manager set-up software system.
If the device belongs to the c-pro 3 range, it is possible to program the controller.

Connecting cable

Makes it possible to connect via a USB to a personal computer or other device with a USB port.
Length: 2 m (6.56 ft).
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