EV3 HP and EVD HP are controllers for:
  • reversible air-water single-circuit residential heat pumps
  • water-water single-circuit residential heat pumps.
EV3 HP is available in the standard 74x32 mm format with built-in user interface consisting of a double custom display, with decimal point and function icons, and four touch keys. It guarantees IP65 protection for easy cleaning.

EVD HP is available in standard 4-module DIN format, in a blind version that can be connected to a remote user interface (EV3K01) if required.

For managing the circuit of a DHW tank and of solar panels it is necessary to use an I/O expansion (EVD EXP).

These controllers can run compressors and fans of both the on-off and modulating types.

EV3 HP is available with a 12 VAC power supply, while EVD HP can be supplied with a 115... 230 VAC power supply.

EV3 HP is designed to be installed on a panel with snap-in brackets, while EVD HP is fitted to a DIN rail in a control panel.
I/O configuration:
Analog inputs
AI1 condensation temperature/pressure
AI2 plant circuit return temperature
AI3 plant circuit supply temperature
AI4 discharge temperature
AI5 coil temperature
Digital inputs
DI1 plant circuit flow switch
DI2 fan thermal switch
DI3 compressor thermal switch
DI4 high pressure switch
DI5 low pressure switch
Analog outputs
AO1 compressor
AO2 fan
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays)
DO1 reversing valve
DO2 fan enabling
DO3 plant circuit pump
DO4 compressor enabling
Digital outputs (triac)
TK1 integration heating elements
TK2 fan
Digital outputs (open collector)
OC1 boiler
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