MRV Application

The EV3 MVC and EVD MVC are controllers for mechanical ventilation units for air renewal and handling, capable of complying with the most rigorous standards for air-quality and building energy certification. Independent control of the supply and extraction fans, both EC modulating and multi-speed types, makes possible optimum flow distribution in all situations. Environmental comfort, in terms of temperature and humidity, is achieved by the ability to manage different heat recovery systems, with free-cooling and free-heating functions, and sources of heating/cooling.

The MVC solution is available in both the compact EV3 version (12 VAC and panel installation) and the split EVD version (115... 230 VAC and DIN rail installation). In both cases it is possible to connect, according to your needs, the stylish EVJ LCD remote user interface (wall-mounted) or the EV3K11 reduced-depth interface (panel fitting).

With 6 capacitive keys and an optional Bluetooth BLE communication module, EVJ LCD provides end-users with easy, intuitive control of the unit using the EVcontrol APP for iOS platforms, transforming your smartphone or tablet into a state-of-the-art remote control.

Configuration example for controlled mechanical ventilation units for air renewal with cross-flow heat recovery:
Analog inputs
IN1 Room humidity
IN2 Coil water temperature
IN3 Return air temperature
IN4 Supply air temperature
IN5 Discharge air temperature
IN10 External air temperature
Digital inputs
IN6 Return tachyimetric frequency
IN7 Supply tachyimetric frequency
IN8 Low pressure switch
IN9 High pressure switch
Analog outputs
AO1 Supply fans
AO2 Extraction fans
Digital outputs (electro-mechanical relays; A res. @ 250 VAC)
DO1 Bypass valve
DO2 External damper
DO3 Compressor
DO4 Reversing valve
Digital outputs (triac; A res. @ 250 VAC)
TK1 Coil valve
TK2 Not used
Digital outputs (open collector)
OC1 Coil valve
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