c-pro 3 NODE kilo AHU

NODE Application

The c-pro 3 NODE kilo AHU is a controller for managing single or dual-flow (with heat recovery) air handling units operating with 1 or 2 treatment coils. The coils can be electrical, water or direct expansion. The controllers can manage the return fan and the supply fan independently (up to 3 speeds or modulating); they are also able to manage the external damper, the bypass damper and the mixing chamber damper. Humidity control is also included in both “on-off” or modulating.

They are available with integrated user interface or in blind version with remote user interface.

There are a variety of communication ports (RS-485, CAN, USB and Ethernet) and supported communication protocols which promotes the integration of the controller in building management systems.

Controller for single or double flow air handling units with seasonal (with 1 coil) and annual (with 2 coils) operation

c-pro 3 NODE kilo AHU Vroom Vcolor
built-in LCD (128 x 64 pixel single colour LCD graphic display)
built-in TFT (320 x 240 pixel touch-screen colour graphic display)
removable screw terminal blocks
Power supply
24 VAC/DC not isolated
Communication ports
TTL for programming
MODBUS slave RS-485
MODBUS master/slave RS-485
Ethernet (MODBUS TCP, Web Server)
Other features
real time clock
alarm buzzer

I/O configuration

The following chart shows an example of ready for use configuration for double flow air handling units with annual (with 2 coils, by water reversible and electric heating) operation, with both modulating return and supply fan; it is possible to customize the I/O configuration.
c-pro 3 NODE kilo AHU Vroom
Analog inputs
AI1 supply temperature
AI2 outdoor temperature
AI3...AI10 not used
AI1...AI2 not used
Digital inputs
DI1 supply fan thermal switch
DI2 external damper limit switch
DI3 return fan thermal switch
DI4 antifreeze switch
DI5 heating coil (electric) thermal switch
DI6 differential pressure switch
DI7...DI13 not used
Analog outputs
AO1 reversible coil (water) mixing valve
AO2 supply fan
AO3 return fan
AO4...AO6 not used
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays)
DO1 supply fan enabling
DO2 external damper
DO3 return fan enabling
DO4 bypass damper
DO5 heating coil (electric)
DO6...DO11 not used
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