Temperature, Humidity and Seasoning Cabinet Controllers

EVJ 500

Controllers in the EVJ 500 range are used for all applications requiring temperature and humidity control, such as pastry and praline displays (EVJ506) and for maturing charcuterie and cheese (EVJ536).

These controllers operate with a proprietary probe and have 6 outputs for managing temperature in heating/cooling mode also with a neutral zone, as well as humidity with humidifying/dehumidifying settings using fans and defrosting cycles.

The models for seasoning (EVJ536) have capacity to run an intuitive programme to optimise the management of stewing, drying and seasoning processes. Regulation options include manual or programmed air exchange cycles, as well as a pause-work function. 
The external EVlink module with Bluetooth BLE connectivity enables access from an Android smartphone with the EVconnect app, making possible configuration, download and exchange of HACCP data and parameter maps.

The user interface has a 2.8-inch colour graphic display, capacitive keys and an IP65 front with a continuous surface.

Technical Features

Temperature/humidity controller for cabinets, counters and display units
Power supply
12 VAC
230 VAC
Analog inputs
Cabinet probe (PTC/NTC)
Auxiliary probe (PTC/NTC) or humidity transducer
Digital inputs
Door switch
Configurable inputs (analogue or digital)
Auxiliary probe (PTC/NTC) or high pressure switch
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; A res. @ 250 VAC)
Compressor (configurable) 30 A 30 A
Defrost (configurable) 8 A 8 A
Cabinet light (configurable) 16 A 16 A
Humidifier (configurable) 8 A 8 A
Evaporator fans (configurable) 5 A 5 A
Heaters (configurable) 8 A 8 A
Communications ports
Other standard features
APP-based management with built-in BLE Bluetooth
Built-in clock
Alarm buzzer
Complete seasoning cycle management
Air exchange and pause-work management
Program management
Optional features
APP-based management with BLE Bluetooth interface (EVlink module)
(1) The two options are mutually exclusive and can be selected by parameter.

Available options
Plug-in screw terminal blocks (fixed-screw as standard).
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