Special Catering Applications Controllers

EVC30S40J7XXX12 - controller for electric and gas fryers, that can be built into the unit:
Power supply: 230 VAC.
Analog inputs: Oil probe and auxiliary probe (J).
Other features:
  • encoder
  • alarm buzzer
  • PID temperature regulation
Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @250 VAC):
Temperature regulation and technical room fan (5 A)
CT1SA0020505 - controller for seasoning rooms, with LCD alphanumeric display and which can be built into the unit:
Power supply:

Analog Inputs:

  • room probe (NTC)
  • evaporator probe (NTC)
  • condenser probe (NTC)
  • humidity probe (4-20 mA)
Digital inputs (for NA/NC contact):
  • door switch
  • pressure switch
Analog outputs:
PWM (evaporator fan)

Digital outputs (electromechanical relays; res. A @ 250 VAC):
  • compressor (30 A)
  • defrost (8 A)
  • evaporator fan (5A)
  • extractor (5 A)
  • room light (5 A)
  • steam generator (8 A)
  • heaters (5 A)
Communication ports:
MODBUS RS-485 port, for other EVCO products.

Other features:
  • real time clock
  • alarm buzzer
  • humidity management
  • condenser overheat alarm system
  • adaptive defrost management
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