Horizontal Cooking Modules

The EVJ 700 compact controller is a modern alternative to electro-mechanical devices for managing horizontal cooking modules in professional kitchens. It offers maximum configurability as it can be used with nine different applications: electric hot plates, ovens, tilting pans, boiling pans, fry-tops, fryers, pasta cookers, bain-marie, and grills.

Depending on the application, cooking can be controlled by power or temperature, combined with a timer or needle probe as required. Temperature can be on-off or PI controlled for greater regulation precision.
The stylish 2.8-inch LCD graphic display with 6 capacitive touch keys and/or a push encoder provides constant information about the processes in progress, as well as making it easy to set the cooking cycle.

Equipped with IP65 front protection, the controller can be fitted to the panel in the conventional way, built into the front, or concealed under the panel (if made of glass or methacrylate), ensuring high cleaning and hygiene standards.
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