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Kitting Services

Carlton Thermal Systems can offer a kitting process that offers the opportunity to out source your entire component supply procedure.

We can provide a single source for all components and deliver labelled and prepared ready for manufacture on a date that suits your production schedule or to a Kanban system.

Kitting eliminates the time spent on purchasing, progressing orders, and inspection of incoming goods. It also eliminates time spent on inventory control and processing of numerous invoices from your suppliers, allowing your staff to focus on the priorities for your business.

To summarise the benefits of using our ISO9000 qualified kitting service:

  • Reduce the number of suppliers
  • Customer specific labelling
  • Increase your warehouse space
  • Reduce the number of purchase orders issued
  • Lower admin costs
  • Improved lead times
  • Less capital tied up in stock holding


How to place an order

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