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Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd stock and supply a full range of refrigeration temperature sensors from Needle probes for Blast Freezers, IP67 fully moulded 10KΩ NTC and 990Ω PTC sensors to Silicone rubber sensors for use on Condensers and Compressors.

As well as the over moulded sensors we supply the traditional steel bulb sensors and also custom potted sensors for use in the side of cabinets.

Sensors Available

  • 10KΩ NTC
  • 990Ω PTC
  • PT100 and PT1000
  • Blast Chiller Core sensors (Needle Probes)
  • Strap on Pipe Sensors
  • Cabinet Temperature Sensors
  • Evaporator Temperature Sensors
  • Condenser Temperature sensors
  • Compressor Temperature Sensors
  • Air on / Air off Temperature Sensors
  • Custom Designed Sensors

Please contact our sales department with your specifications.

How to place an order

Send an enquiry using the contact us page or call us on 01865 400514.