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Carlton Thermal Systems are pleased to be working with GTB Coils, one of the newest high tech coil manufacturing companies in Europe. GTB Group have two production facilities producing special curved glass and tempered glass doors for refrigerators and freezers and high tech finned copper coils. The factory is new state of the art with all the best production machinery from Italy and Germany.

GTB Coils manufacture a full range of Refrigeration Condenser and Evaporator coils, Complete Monoblocks for Upright refrigerators and freezers, and portable Monoblocks on casters for use in the drinks promotions industry. The coils can be custom designed for your application and also be just bare coils or fitted with fans and other components of your choice. GTB coils also manufacture, air to water and water to air heat exchangers for dehumidification systems, swimming pools, zone heating etc.

Please telephone our technical sales department with your enquiry for any of the GTB products or services.

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