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14 October 2016


EVCO have recently released the EVFTFT219 controller for the management of laboratory refrigerated cabinets. The controller is available in split version and can be mechanically and aesthetically integrated in the unit. The user interfaces is via a colour TFT graphic display touch keys and guarantees and IP65 protection rating.

Access to the controller functions is subject to user identification; any activity will be tracked and temperatures read by the probes will be recorded.

The device is equipped with power failure strategy and a simulation function. Thanks to a backup module and battery it is possible to guarantee that power to the user interface and data logger measuring the product's temperature is electrically independent from the cabinet probe.

The device also has a three-point calibration function for the cabinet product and the product probe, the "f: time-temperature" graphic function and USB communication port are accessible from the front of the user interface (to allow the upload and the download of the settings and the data recorded by the controller through a common USB flash drive).

The controller can be integrated within the CloudEvolution environment to provide remote monitoring a single or multiple cabinets. The user can be notified via email or SMS in the event of a failure to prevent product loss or damage

Please contact Technical Sales for more information about this product


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19 July 2016

Web-based plant monitoring and control system

CloudEvolution is a monitoring and control system easily accessible from a laptop, tablet or smartphone allowing the user to be connected to their asset at all times.

You can access to your plant just via a normal web browser and it does not require any additional software. This application is ideal for hotels, shopping centres, hospitals, supermarkets, offices, professional kitchens and restaurants. CloudEvolution enables authorised personnel to manage plant and equipment located in different geographical locations.

CloudEvolution is a complete and highly efficient monitoring system designed for energy saving, cost reduction and vertical data sharing. It performs in real time to allow functions such as data-logging, alarm management and multi-user acess to remote equipment providing vital tools for online technical support and HACCP data analysis. The asset data is transferred to the cloud therefore simplifying data management, maintenance and protection for your facility.

Contact us for the CloudEvolution package sizing,  if you want to know more about this product or learn how remote monitoring could benefit your business and we will be happy to discuss it in greater detail and find a solution for your business


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02 June 2016

C-pro 3 "CLOSE" as a solution for single and dual circuit close control

The c-pro 3 "CLOSE" solution from EVCO is designed for close control applications such as data centres, laboratories, telecommunication or clean rooms.

C-pro 3 "CLOSE" has the flexibility to control direct expansion, single or dual circuit compressors straight out of the box. The main controller is available with or without a user interface and is directly connected via CAN to the electronic expansion controller (EVDRIVE) for the management of bipolar expansion valves. In turn the controller can control either on/off or variable capacity compressors and condensing fans depending on customer's requirement. Engineers and end user can interact with the system via the new touch screen "Vgraph O" remote user interface allowing for simple parameter adjustment. Energy saving strategies are included to allow for free air or dry air cooling options as standard.

C-pro 3 "CLOSE" can be integrated with ease into Cloud Evolution allowing for remote operation and management. With additional I/O expansion modules, temperature, humidity, air quality and energy can also be included to allow for total environment and energy monitoring within one package.

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17 May 2016

C-pro 3 Micro and C-pro 3 Kilo AHU for the management of single or double flow air handling units

We all know too well that control of building services equipment can be over engineered and expensive but at EVCO we have found a solution which doesn't cost the earth!

C-pro 3 Micro and C-pro 3 Kilo AHU are controllers for the management of air handling units, programmed for operaton straight out of the box, therefore no need to pay for expensive programmers. Configuration can be achieved through the use of EVCO's Parameters Manager. The controllers are configured to manage ventilation fans (three speeds or modulating), dampers, heating or cooling coils, cross flow or rotary heat exchangers and humidifiers.

The controler can be operated stand alone or have the option for the remote user interface, complete with temperature and humidity sensors for zone control.

C-pro 3 Micro AHU is available with Micro-Fit connectors (for low voltage signals) and power supply 12 VAC. C-pro 3 Kilo AHU is available with removable clamp terminal blocks (for low voltage signals) and power supply 24 VAC/DC

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