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Carlton Thermal Systems are pleased to be working with GTB Coils and Glass, one of the newest high tech coil and glass manufacturing companies in Europe. GTB Group have incorporated both of their technical disciplines to design and produce a radically new energy efficient heater for the Domestic, Retail, Office and Hospitality Environments’.

Heatroll radiators are available at present, in 3 design concepts, Heatroll Wall, Heatroll Bath and Heatroll Floor.

These radiators are designed to work with heat pumps and condensing boilers at between 45—50°C, as well as traditional high temperature systems. The output from all Heatroll radiators conform to European Standard EN442 and is based around a very efficient water to air heat exchanger that is designed to put all your heating energy into the air via natural convection and thus have no noisy integral fan or require electrical power.

Heatroll also has the added benefit of being more efficient than standard radiators, as there is considerably less water inside the radiator and the unit can warm up and cool down almost instantaneously. This efficiency means that the glass surface will not exceed 40°C thus resulting in a safer environment for your home.

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