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Defrost Heater

Carlton Thermal Systems are pleased to be working with RICA division IRCA Spa, one of the largest heater manufacturers in the World with a division dedicated to the design and manufacture of world class defrost heaters

All RICA Defrost heaters are terminated with fully waterproof vulcanised terminations with every heater manufactured left to soak underwater before the electrical insulation test is carried out.

We supply both through the coil and clip on defrost heaters, Drip-tray heaters, Blast Freezer finned heaters, Monotube heaters, Silicone rubber mat heaters, Drain line heaters and Door mullion heaters all designed and rigorously tested for the refrigeration / airconditioning environment.


  • Custom design and manufacture
  • Fully vulcanised terminations
  • UL approval on some designs
  • IP67 Mat Heaters
  • Through the coil Montube and tubular heaters
  • Low surface temperature defrost heaters
  • Driptray Heaters
  • Small diameter In drain heaters
  • Mullion Silicone rubber or PVC / Silicone cable heaters
  • Self regulating PTC driptray heaters
  • Heaters with in- built or external thermal cut-outs

Please contact our sales department with your specifications.