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Electro-mechanical Assembly

At Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd, we undertake Electro-mechanical assembly operations using 5S principals for our customer’s ever changing and more complex requirements.

This gives them flexibility and provides tested sub-assemblies ready for their production line. We can offer:

  • Control Plate / Box Wiring
  • Cable Harness and Loom assembly
  • Thermostat Assembly
  • Circuit board assembly into mechanical housing
  • Electrical Assembly Potting (To eliminate water / dust ingress)
  • Controller Sub-assemblies
  • Specialist Heater System Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Polyamide / Kapton and Silicone Rubber heater Adhesion and testing
  • Sensor fabrication, Potting and Encapsulating (RTDS (NTC/PTC), Thermocouples and Thermistors)

How to place an order

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