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Refrigeration Controller

Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd are pleased to offer the EVCO, EVK, EVD, EVS and C-PRO RACK range of refrigeration controllers, these vary from standard off cycle defrost to advanced energy saving controllers with multi inputs and outputs, we also offer a full custom controller design service to suit your own technical requirement.

Standard Control offered

  • Ventilated Refrigeration Cabinet Control
  • Static Refrigeration Cabinet Control
  • Blast Chiller Control
  • Cold Room Control
  • Compressor Pack Control
  • Refrigerated Transport Control
  • Milk Storage Control
  • Vertical Multideck Refrigeration Cabinet Control
  • Wine mixer controller
  • DRP Control
  • Expansion Valve Control
  • Digital Scroll Compressor Control

Some features

  • Compressor over temp protection
  • Energy Saving Functions
  • Hot Key Programming
  • Clone Software programming
  • HACCP logging
  • Air on / off algorithm
  • RTC Functions (Real time Clock)
  • Hot gas and Electric Defrost
  • PTC, NTC and Pressure inputs
  • Multifunction Digital Inputs
  • Touch screen displays
  • Multi colour displays
  • Custom solutions
  • Logging and Supervision Software

Please contact our technical sales department with your requirements.