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Carlton Thermal Systems Ltd are pleased to work with Both Dynisco Inc and Thermosystems Italy to be able to offer a full range of PID temperature controllers from Budget right through to the latest control features with a wide range of inputs and outputs available.

The Thermosystems TJ Range of controllers is available with either single or twin display and in two standard DIN sizes with full auto-tune facility at very competitive prices.

Features include

  • Universal Process and TC/RTD inputs
  • Two control / alarm outputs
  • Auto Tune Facility
  • Twin Colour Display (On dual display models)
  • Anti Reset Window (To improve Integral action)

The Dynisco TCS and TCE range of PID controllers have top level features you would expect from this type of process controller with very easy set up code function and clear colour display able to show text and analogue information.

Features include

  • Self-Tuning PID algorithm
  • Intuitive colour display with text messaging
  • Universal Process and TC/RTD inputs
  • Multifunction ramp-dwell process timer
  • Soft Start output power limiter
  • Up to 4 control and Alarm outputs
  • Load current display / fault monitor
  • Up to 3 logic inputs
  • Serial ModBus communication option

Please contact our technical sales team for more about your application.

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