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High Voltage

Solid Sealing Technology introduces two new series of high voltage connector solutions that are made from using alumina ceramic to metal sealing technology. These high voltage connectors feature a small, compact design with a weldable diameter that ranges from .375 inches to 1.245 inches and are available for voltages up to 50 kV. The connectors are rated for currents from 3 to 10 amps and are suited for high voltage equipment manufacturers including semiconductor ion implants, particle accelerators and x-ray. Both series of high voltage connectors are suitable for high temperatures, UHV and pressure and provide an ideal solution for high voltage applications which maximize ratings, safety and the connection interface.

SST is now offering high voltage connectors with voltages of 12 kV and 15 kV for high voltage applications. The 12 kV connector has a pin diameter of .030 inches, while the 15 kV connector’s pin diameter is measured at .038 inches. Current ratings differ in both connectors. SST’s 12 kV connector has a current rating of 3 amps and our 15 kV connector has a rating of 7.5 amps. Both connectors are available in different number of pins when put in different installations. Standard assembly installation for each connectors includes weldable, ConFlat® Flange, and ISO KF Flange. For the ConFlat® and ISO KF Flanges, the number of pins for each of the two connectors ranges from one to four.

Additionally, SST now offers higher voltage connectors for 30 kV and 50 kV. Each connector features a pin diameter of .062 inches and has current ratings up to 10 amps. Both the 30 kV and 50 kV connectors feature a push on connection with a molded cable and an airside plug. Additionally, each connector maximizes the temperature rating at 450 °C. (Note: operating temperature ranges from -55 °C to 125 °C when the plug is connected.) Standard assembly installation for each connector includes weldable, ConFlat® Flange, and ISO KF Flange.