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High Current

Solid Sealing Technology introduces two new series of high current connector solutions. These connectors are rated for currents from 69 to 250 amps and incorporate SST’s ceramic to metal sealing technology for use in ultra high vacuum, pressure, cryogenics, and gas/plasma processing applications. Both series provide an ideal solution for high current applications which maximize ratings, safety, and the connection interface.

Conductors are silver plated copper on the airside in order to reduce contact resistance and range in diameters of .142 inches to .375 inches. Pin densities include single to 4 pin configurations.

Airside plugs are included with all assemblies and include crimp style contacts for wire/cable installation. Standard assembly installations include weldable, ISO quick flanges or conflat flanges.

With over 100 years of combined design and industry expertise, SST provides ideal sealing solutions for demanding applications including high temperature, ultra-high vacuum, and high pressure environments. Whether you are looking for standard products, custom solutions, or a partner to develop a new bonding technique using advanced materials, SST is ready to support your sealing requirements.